“The Easy Way to Own a Home”


If you are on our website; you’ve already discovered 3 things.

1. You are ready to bring a more permanent sense of security to your life.

2. You want a home of your own, where you are not throwing money away on rent, month after month and year after year.

3. Every home offered out there with a lease to own is usually a piece of junk.


Our homes are remodeled and beautiful. We pride ourselves on having the best homes available anywhere in St. Clair County.

Here’s how our Lease-to-Own program works. It’s simple, so please do not make this difficult.

Let’s Get Started

*Scroll through our available homes. Keep in mind we usually have homes not yet on the website, so visit us often.

*Find a home or two that meets your family needs and where you meet the financial obligations to get into the home. (You’ll need a deposit and affordable monthly payments)

*Take a ride out to the homes you like. Walk around. Look through the windows.

*If you find a home you like, fill out the attached application and either e-mail or fax it to our office, or just call us. (Application is fastest)

*Once we get your application, we’ll call you to arrange a showing of the inside of the home.

*If that goes well, start packing.

Noted Points

*This is a 3 year Lease Option.
What that is saying in its simplest form is this…

*You are locking in the price of the home; that will not change on you.

*You’ll have at least 3 years to fix your credit. At some point you will need to go to the bank and get a loan to pay us off, but you've got a lot of time.

*You’ll need the required “Option” deposit. It may be negotiable, but not usually.

*You’ll have to be able to comfortably afford the monthly payments.

What makes our program so exciting is that the price of the home is fixed. You are locked in. You are guaranteed that original price.

As the years pass, all the improvements you want to put into the home…you are putting into “your home-to-be”. Not some landlord’s house.

No matter your financial status or credit score; it usually takes only 3 years to fix one’s credit. Also keep in mind, that the 3 year payoff agreement may be extended.

In most cases, we really do not request the payoff at the end of the 3 year agreement, as long as our clients pay their lease payments as agreed.

That’s the program – It’s easy and simple. And if you want to own your own home, this is the easiest way to get it done.

House prices are getting ridiculous again. It’s time to lock one in.

Good Luck!